Written by Terry Michael on May 28, 2020

They love it!

If you don't already know UpBeet Digital is a proud agency partner of ,,SearchMetrics our preferred digital marketing & SEO tool. We’ve been helping people find the power of SEO and the impact it makes on a business' bottom line.

With our expert team, and our amazing SEO tool we've had some incredible feedback and thought we'd share it with you...

,it was good to finally see a system jam-packed with features and fully furnished to accommodate all aspects.”

- PPC Expert, Digital Media Agency (JHB)

“It’s incredible, so easy to use.”

- Marketing Specialist, Insurance Industry (JHB)

“The reporting is a game changer for me, the ability to export is a massive time saver”

- Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketing Agency (CPT)

“Made a huge difference to how I prioritised and leveraged my SEO opportunities”

- SEO Specialist, Digital Agency (U.K)

If you’re keen to get a workable demo on how you could achieve success with SEO and see how it’ll super charge your online marketing – give our ,,Sales Beet a shout.

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