Written by Terry Michael on Apr 19, 2021

The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Audit (Part 2 of 5)

The Digital Marketing Team, Their Tools, the Business Infrastructure and Support

Auditing Digital Marketing Team & Infrastructure and Support

Part 2 of our Understanding of Digital Auditing, the team!

It is easy to miss this step when conducting a digital marketing audit for your company/organisation or brand. Whether your company has a skilled in-house or an outsourced digital marketing team/agency it is crucial to sustaining long-term digital success, and of course, delivering the performance.

It is essential to team up with a digital marketing consulting agency that will assist you with building the talent pool needed to sustain new-found online marketing success.

To unpack and understand this the following needs to be considered...

  • What are the skill gaps in the organisation?
  • Do you have the right set of skills in your digital marketing team to understand the business strategy, goals and of course understand what needs to happen to achieve those goals?
  • Is your team sufficiently skilled and equipped to use the right metrics/management frameworks to accurately achieve and meet these objectives?
  • Is there a need to train new or existing staff, hire an expert employee or hire a digital marketing consultant?
  • Is your team managed according to their strengths and not compelled to do work they’re not the best at?

Through our audit, we’ll unpack your team as a whole against the objectives and goals of the company. Identify whether training or consulting is necessary, and understand their unique skills sets and strengths for us to properly advise on the ability of your team’s capabilities and skill set to push this process forward and facilitate the attainment of your business objectives.

It is imperative to note that this process is an inclusive process and is meant to be beneficial for both staff, employees and suppliers; preliminary for the benefit of all parties, and of course to align OKR’s or KPI’s accordingly.

Is your team fully onboarded to the POPI Act recently signed into place? Do they need help understanding how this affects their roles and the business as a whole?

We’ll assist you in creating business, product, and objective aligned OKR’s and KPI’s helping the team feel in control of their responsibilities and able to meet these objectives without pressure or undue pressure.

Digital Infrastructure and Support

Once our objectives are clear, it’s time to set up the frameworks and infrastructure to support these objectives and drive real-benefit and bottom lines. As mentioned, the skills sets and resources often require certain management frameworks and of course the tools and processes to get these done.

a. Infrastructure

This includes everything from data management, software, telecommunications to applications for productivity and much more. This is the part of your business that is needed to assist your people in doing their jobs, reporting, measurements, and of course effective management and oversight.

At UpBeet Digital we believe that structure breeds freedom and freedom drives success.

This portion of your digital marketing audit will consist of a thorough infrastructure review to see if it supports your business and its people as it should.

b. Tools and Applications

To really assist your team in driving the success your business needs we need to understand the needs of the team and make sure the tools and applications are aligned to this.

Are the current applications and tools able to assist? Are they supported by the tools and platforms you’re using?

  • Which core applications, software, tools, platforms are your business using ie., what is the website is built in? Your plugins, widgets are from which suppliers? Are these all supported by the platform that your website is made in?
  • Are these ALL necessary to support your team’s ability to meet objectives?
  • How do you intend to manage your CRM efforts, and do you require deploying CRM at all? If so, what do your clients value or need from you most?
  • Are you wanting to include automation in your CRM, or is this something you want to be more unique and customised? If you’ve got a large customer base, automation can really help!
  • What are you using as benchmarks and tracking measurements in order to understand success?
  • Does your team require project management tools?
  • Has your team compared the benefits of running waterfall business models with agile models? Is there merit in deploying a new process?

Through these touchpoints, and a fair more in-depth study of your company’s digital ecosystem, we’ll be able to deliver strong recommendations for implementation, that no only reduce or simplify these tools and efforts but also have some massive benefits.

Outcomes included but are not limited to:

  • Report and Tick-Box Guide assisting management in the assessment of the necessary tools to align, access and implement against business objectives within the auditing result and recommendations
  • Management framework to assist in the deployment of team, in the most profitable and productive roles for output
  • Report and assessment of the staff/team’s skill sets (experience, technical knowledge) to help achieve business goals, and how to deploy these members
  • Tools assessment guide to help reduce redundancy’s and improve outputs
  • Reporting structure and measurement frameworks for ongoing performance

UpBeet Digital is perfectly equipped to evaluate and provide a detailed and actionable report with recommendations in order for your business to grow, save, and thrive! Feel free to contact Diane Woodhouse at diane@upbeetdigital.com  

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