Written by Terry Michael on Jun 13, 2020

SEO Tools, The Modern Marketers Friend.

As a digital marketer in 2020 our day to day almost always consists of staying on top of current trends, client industry updates, leveraging the latest insights data, reporting, about 5-10 meetings and of course delivering on all the deadlines that pile up in what seems like a constantly increasing flow.

For those of us that have embraced the world of tools though, it’s got a lot simpler. Now we have tools for everything we need, the only problem for me is that they pile up.

As we’ve become more comfortable with marketing technology and data tools, we’ve started adding so many to our daily lives and they’re so valuable that we’re now sitting with a volume of tools that’s actually just too much to keep track of.

Stuck between password vaults, tabs, reports and calls… it’s just a headache.

One of my passions in digital is SEO, which has been since 2006 when I began my SEO journey. So naturally I have accumulated a number of tools over the years to help me achieve client goals. I’ve used a few of the “must have” but disappear due-to-lack-of-funding later, wonder-tools, and of course the staples in the game such as SEM Rush, Screaming Frog and others.

While they’re all really good, in their own rights. None of them do all of it, none of them even come close to doing all of it. And I used to think this was the right way to go, I mean, they’re not experts in everything and if they claim to be experts in everything, they must be lying… Until I found SearchMetrics.

I came across SearchMetrics in 2018 while working on some large FSP businesses, if you’ve worked in FSP you know there’s a lot of moving parts, Google updates, industry legal compliance and even more competition – so it’s really fast paced. SearchMetrics blew us away with their measurement metrics that just made complete logical sense, like market share online, bringing in competitor data in a simple and easy to absorb view, and customisable dashboards for team members and clients.

We were really very happy and helped us achieve some great milestones helping us to meet and exceed ALL our client’s goals for the fiscal and then some. Naturally we were too busy to explore the tool’s new capabilities as they turned on, we just didn’t have the time.

I’ve been leveraging their latest version to the full extent it has to offer, and I have now reduced my tools to one. It seems we were heard.

SearchMetrics refers to themselves as data and insights software providers, have really put together an incredible suite.

The suite now includes a live feedback SEO copywriting tool – which helps your copy writers to write SEO’d copy up front, avoiding the painful back and forth between SEO marketers and copy writers.

A research cloud that blows people away, we’ve used this to create campaigns based on topic research conducted in the tool (a standard feature), identifying the intent behind the topics and tying this back to creative and on-page performance. Driving some serious increases in organic traffic for my clients.

The tool has also brought in features, displaying opportunities in the SERP’s that your competitors are not doing, giving your client/or yourself the opportunity to one-up your competitor without burning through massive budgets.

SearchMetrics tracking into social signals, and paid search media allows for a better central view for those marketing managers or AM’s and AD’s that need to understand these in order to plan better throughout the fiscal.

The tool’s features continue to grow and impress myself and my team constantly.

Since UpBeet Digital decided to bring the tool into the South African market in a much larger way, we’ve had some incredible feedback from some industry leaders. You can now get a tool that combines up to 5 digital marketing tools for the cost of 2. And the best part is it’s not limited to licenses or logins, dashboards, or modules… it’s one price for everything.

If you’d like to find out more about SearchMetrics and our customised pricing to suit all business and agency needs, please contact our Sales Beet.

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