SearchMetrics is an industry leading insights and software provider. Delivering insights and data that drive SEO and Content Marketing success! The platform is extremely easy-to-use, and comes with full support teams.

With more than 10yrs in the game, and tons of success stories, we’re proud to call them an agency partner.


The tool allows us to track inbound links, internal linking, ranking spread, market research, on-site and off-site SEO efforts.

With the added ability to manage your content production process, in a stronger SEO first manner. Using the Topic Explorer is really easy and helps you create content that performs.


Not only does the tool listen to your owned content and trending content, but it suggests content to meet gaps in demand, helping you truly concentrate your efforts on only the best content for its desired purpose. The research tool is powerful and far reaching, it really makes managing SEO copy much simpler and smarter.


As we’re all most likely aware, PPC/Google Ads definitely helps in the marketing mix and works brilliantly in parallel with SEO efforts to drive even stronger returns on marketing investment, grow your audiences, and drive insights that help drive other efforts.

SearchMetrics allows us to track these executions, rank them, compare them to competitors and create better and stronger performing content.


With customisable dashboarding seeing what you need to see in its simplest view hasn’t been easier. Whether it’s client’s wanting to follow essential metrics or marketers wanting to maintain a view for strategic purpose. The dashboarding capabilities are great to use.

Live Feedback SEO Copy Writing (Content Editor)

The tool comes with its own SEO’ing copy tool, measuring and guiding your keyword density and readability level. Allowing content producers to write strong SEO copy easily.

Custom Pricing

Based on the size of your online property’s and keywords, we offer you a tailored and cost effective solution, with an otherwise out of reach tool.


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