Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audits

SEO is the real hero of the digital marketing ecosystem. Being the long-term investment that drives your content to show up on search engines and be available to an ever-growing audience.

The core goal behind SEO is to drive value to your customers, Search Engines serve the most relevant and value-adding content to their users/readers. This exchange of search-query, result-showing, and engaging with content is what makes up Organic Traffic.

The higher up you appear on search results, the higher your chances of receiving more traffic that can convert to sales.

If you maintain quality, valuable content on your web pages and still can’t seem to get a high enough CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and a decent number of views, shares, likes, and comments on your content, it might be time for an SEO audit.

SEO Audit Outcomes:

  • Keywords Research and Analysis: Finding the right keywords for your business goals to help you become visible to a specific audience in the right channel.
    • Directly related to search “Intent” aligning the customers’ intention with your desired outcome.
  • On-page SEO auditing: Auditing for internal site issues that need fixing such as duplicate content, slow page load times, mobile responsiveness, redirecting errors, page title and meta description, Headings and Schema Markup, and many more factors.
  • Technical Auditing is focused on the coding of the website and its ability to be crawled.
  • Off-page SEO auditing: this included backlinking, related sites, social media accounts (not paid elements), and local.
Outcomes are delivered in actionable documents for implementation and every audit comes with a check-in 6-8 weeks post the audit recommendations being accepted to make sure you’re on the right track and everything has been implemented properly.


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