Google Paid Search Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising, or paid search is known for its direct sales-driving abilities. The process of paid customer acquisition is multi-fold, but the star of the show is Google Paid Search Ads. Cost-effective, instant, measurable, easy to deploy, and budget suiting. We believe its important to consider ALL the factors when deploying a PPC campaign.

UpBeet Digital offers the following PPC services:

Strategy and Day-to-Day Management

Paid Google campaigns that include setup, optimization, monitoring, and reporting. In order to fully take advantage of the world of acquisition, a good strategy is highly recommended. Creating a strategy at UpBeet Digital involves an audit, roadmap after which you will receive a comprehensive strategy and plan.

Research Is Key

Knowledge is golden for a reason, a well thought out and researched Keyword strategy is important to achieving efficient returns on investment. At UpBeet we make use of several tools such as Search Metrics to assist us in capitalising on opportunities.

Creative Ad Copy

Writing informative, power-punching advert copy is important to efficiently drive traffic to your website or campaign landing page. At UpBeet we believe these should be tied strongly to your customer journeys and life-cycles.

Landing Pages For Conversion

Bespoke landing pages are key when communicating to broad audiences. Targeted to the persona and behaviours of your business’s target markets. We believe in A/B testing ad creative as well as landing page creative to deliver high-quality conversions.

Everything Is Always Tracked

Tracking is an important part of understanding customer behaviour to make critical decisions to improve campaigns. To make sure we track every step of the sales funnel, we utilise Google Tag Manager, SearchMetrics, and Google Analytics.

Performance Optimization

With the right strategy, budget, and a skilled specialist, optimisations drive business efficiencies daily. Keeping you ahead of the bidding trend.

SEO Integration

We believe that Search Engine Optimisation goes hand in hand with Paid Search and include this in our strategies to ensure that your site gets the best visibility while reducing overall campaign spend.


We have live dashboarding tools giving us high-level insights all day long and monthly reporting.


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