Written by Terry Michael on Oct 15, 2020

Leveraging Data, And Its Importance In Driving Marketing Success.

Development is no longer just for building websites

When it comes to development and digital marketing evolution one of the big things taking shape right now in the digital marketing community is the programming language, Python.

It feels like just yesterday all the rage was PHP because it was open-source, anybody could use it and you didn’t have to pay to learn it. Sounds ideal

,Python, however, is now becoming the go-to tool because it’s nice to work with, easy to learn, and is allowing SEO professionals to do what they need to do really quickly.

Now more than ever before developers and SEO professionals need to have a strong understanding of Python, but also have a holistic view of the digital ecosystem and understanding of SEO and PPC as well as their combined effect on the landscape.

Coding has never really been an expectation or need for a digital marketer, but with the evolution of everything out there – it’s becoming more and more valuable and definitely sets you apart from the rest.

Having Python knowledge can also help marketers analyse large amounts of data without having to manually input data points into an Excel spreadsheet and laboriously setting them up with a formula. Python also allows you to search more extensively than Excel.

Data analysis and leverage in your strategy and planning is the best and strongest way to make sure you’re achieving your goals and driving your bottom line.

We believe, with a wealth of data there’s no reason to not use this to your benefit. In fact, if you’re not – I guarantee you’re missing out.

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