Written by Terry Michael on Aug 6, 2020

Let's Face IT, It's Never The Thought That Counts.

The old adage may have had some merit before the world closed and businesses starved, but now more than ever we only focus on what we can and must deliver. Returns to client. 

Lengthy reports, including items no-one ever notices let alone uses have become completely redundant. If you're still reporting like this, you're a bad ROI marketer and you're only hurting your client/boss.

Core metrics should be aligned to your business unit and brand. It's essential our efforts marry back to these goals needed to be accomplished. It's working back, much like in maths, there's always a point "0" that needs to be balanced back to.

Beginning your project, strategy or campaign with an audit/benchmark is absolutely essential for understanding not only the definition of success, but helps us manage and optimise more efficiently.

As marketers we're often too easily drawn to the new and shiny channels, tech and trends - but I've noticed we're forgetting the 80/20 rule.

NEVER stop testing, exploring and carving out new niches - BUT do NOT do this at the detriment of the performance required for the campaign. I've found assigning marginally low budgets for RnD (research and development) are best. Over the right amount of time, one can evaluate it's success and make educated decisions. No one has budgets for FULL scale testing right now.

Don't let your inner passion die, merely tone it down for now. Now is the time we need to prove why you DON'T cut marketing budgets in tough times. We're needing to focus on the core and get the BASICS right. Myself and my team see multi-nationals and globals struggling because while they're running integrated campaigns and syncing cross channel and device, they didn't dot their i's and cross their t's. And their returns reflect this.

The understanding and respect for SEO is always going to save you here. It's about getting the foundation right and aligning the business to their goals, small easily overlooked elements in setup and optimisation end up killing what should have been high-impact digital marketing campaigns.

Why? Well, if the house isn't built, how are you showing people the fittings?

To get a better idea of how to stick to high-growth low-inertia campaigns, we'd strongly suggest understanding where you sit today, and why. While audit's may seem like they're "not optimal" from a budget perspective, trust me when I say - it costs FAR more to ignore this step.

Reach out and we'll show you some case studies, a firm understanding of your positioning is priceless in the marketing mix.

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