Written by Terry Michael on Jun 15, 2020

Is Your Business Getting The Most Out Of Its Social-Media Efforts?

If you're starting a business in 2020 it's most likely you're looking at Social Media like my dog Tonto looks at balls - they're his everything. But without proper planning it's unlikely to be your everything...

Are you equipped to tackle the social-media-ecosystem? Are your efforts going to result in favourable returns?

Most of the time, in my experience the answer is NO! Too often I meet with recently established brands, startups, and even large scale corporates who are just simply not doing it right, and no-surprise they're not getting the return they originally envisioned.

So how do you do Social-Media right? Well here's some tips we've picked up...


1) Evaluate the landscape

By doing this you're understanding the playing field, and where the players are you need to tackle to get to your goal. How do you do this? You can either use a tool or an agency to help you benchmark and audit the social media landscape as it affects your business or business to be.

2) Strategise

Strategising your approach manages the crazy that we're all too easily caught up in the platforms of social media, there is such a thing as TOO active.

At UpBeet we recommend having a Digital Marketing Strategy that overarches and guides your efforts throughout your digital eco-system. However you can strategise Social Media as a standalone environment too.

3) Find Your Home

Too much to handle, is too much to handle. It's never advisable to enter into too many platforms at once. In most cases we recommend Facebook or LinkedIn as your companies core platform. This doesn't mean you don't join the other networks, but it allows you to grow and nurture one platform at a time, making sure you're doing it right.

But how do you do this? Which is best? Well.. that's where your customer comes in and here's no 4...

4) Audience Definition

If you understand your brand/service or product you know who you're selling to. right?

In many cases we don't find this to be the case, you'll hear general populous responses. A few years ago this driven largely by using the out-dated and to be honest NEVER was good, measurement that is LSM (Life Style Measure).

Today, we have a lot more available to us to help us make this decision, we have insights per platform, we have our websites data and industry-level insights and we have some incredible tools available to us to combine these insights and provide a central view point.. There's many options and validations we can go through.

5) Listen to your mother, do it right from the beginning

Setup is vital to a healthy presence. There's meta, tagging, UX elements and of course content. If you didn't don't worry. We're here to help!

"Every setback is a setup for your comeback!"

6) Positioning

It's important to understand your contribution to your audience. People are on social-media-platforms to learn, share, engage and buy mostly. Where do you fit in?

Which topic is your brand talking to on social media? What is the intent behind the topic of conversation? It's important to understand the difference between: Navigational, Informational, Transactional and Directional topics of discussion.

Naturally there's an intent behind a conversation, I may be interacting with a brand because I don't know about it, and something sparked my interest (this can also apply to a topic the brand touches).

But I also engage with the intent to purchase, sign-up or maybe get information so I can come see you in person (safely-of-course).

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal.” —Earl Nightingale

7) Voice

Brands like people have a vocal, a manner of speaking, a stance in your communication style. This should be established through careful understanding of your product/service/offering and your audience, as well as their need for your brands voice in the mix. What is the voice that's missing? Or maybe theres a vocal thats highly engaged and people want more of.

8) Test Test Test

With the tools we have today, and the customers need to be spoken to where they're at, and how they want to be spoken to. We need to test to get the best result. This is trial and error, in a smart way. It ties back to your strategy and your planned rollout.

Incorporate split AB testing that won't deter your audience or seem like you're jumping all over the place, but strong enough to get solid data back to educate and solidify your positioning, manage your return and drive brand affinity with your audiences.

9) What Is Success?

It's important to answer this question up front. What defines success for you? Are you looking for customers, looking to manage your online reputation, drive traffic, provide assistance?

Setting these measurements up will allow you track against your Digital Marketing Strategy to ensure you're meeting your goals, and they're realistic. Understanding your ideal outcome and what that looks like - can make or break a campaign, brand or marketer.

Don't be a lame-beet reach out and get social media guidance, strategy, campaign management or social media audits, contact out to our Social Media Beet.

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