Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to carve out new, better and stronger efforts in driving those bottom lines and keeping those smiles on the faces of our consumers. Here’s 7 trends we think are essential for digital marketing in 2021.

7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

We’ve Said It Before, Strategies Are Living Documents

Now more than ever, we’re acutely aware of how fast things can change. Strategies should guide, inform and drive your efforts of course, however said strategies need to be able to be adaptable to the market place and environment as a whole.

shoppable posts

Shoppable placements and posts allow customers to shop where-ever they are. Convenience is most certainly a thing we’re all fond of!

voice search

With some 20% of searches from mobile coming from voice, this is definitely something we should ALL be watching closely, testing and mastering. This is definitely one of those “here to stay” trends.

Search Engine Dominance, SEO

With the continuing impacts of B.E.R.T & A.E.T, focus on organic ranking rankings and overall SEO health is back on the rise. And for good reason, site content should be well put together and easy to follow, and at all times should be authentic and honest. Rich snippets should be a goal and an achievable one too!

Audience Centric Communications

With Gen Z’ers making up some 40% of consumers in 2020, it’s imperative we tailor our communications. Insisting businesses portray authenticity, a sense of humour, diversity and of course they’re sticklers for privacy.

Direct Messaging, For All

Getting more personal is on the cards, efforts to create bond’s and personal experiences with your customers is more important than ever before.

Programmatic Advertising, For Simplified Reach

In a world where automation is ever trendy and appealing, programmatic really achieves this well! Ad placements, performance, customer tracking and buying can all be handled by a nifty tool, so why not?
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