Digital Marketing Strategy

Does your company need a strategy? Well, if it has goals, objectives, or targets, the answer is yes. A digital marketing strategy will guide, support, and inform your front line and business teams, helping them achieve those goals.

In a rapidly developing world, it’s tougher to reach your ideal customer, they’re more than likely living their best digital lives. Through smart thinking and utilizing the best digital marketing world has to offer, you’ll reach your market, speak their language, and cultivate their patronage.

UpBeet Digital offers a wide range of strategic services, to suit the need of your business. From full 360deg strategy to channel and objective-based strategies.

There’s So Many Strategies:

A full 360deg strategy comprises of the below, but each one can be delivered as stand-alone.

SEO Strategy

Through this process, we’ll audit your digital footprint on Google, and provide a strategic approach to properly leveraging SEO efforts best to meet your business goals. We make use of Search Metrics, Moz, and Lighthouse.

The outcome of a strong SEO strategy is digital dominance, stronger brand trust, and the ability to take advantage of the many opportunities found online.

Google Paid Search Strategy / PPC

A strong paid search strategy, especially when done in conjunction with an SEO plan can be extremely successful in driving bottom lines. It’s a game of maths, voice, and positioning. Through this process, we’ll audit your Google Paid channels, and map a strategy and rollout plan to achieve your business goals.

The outcome of a well-oiled PPC strategy, is efficient spending, driving profitable returns, this works best coupled with other media components depending on the industry.

Media Strategy

We all love consuming content, videos, blogs, vlogs, social media, the list just goes on. What if we told you that we could target and serve advertising to your market, through multiple journeys, reaching them in the places they want to be reached. Gone are the days we could simply list with the Yellow Pages…

The outcome of a media strategy is curated efficiencies in your advertising space, making sure the whole marketing funnel is operating at peak levels for optimal returns. Making sure your Awareness, Consideration, and Cultivation funnel points are speaking well to each other, and driving sales.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is nothing new, but it’s always growing, and boasts a captive, trusting, and peer-fuelled audience. Social media allows brands the opportunity to truly connect with their customers, have conversations, and of course, make sales.

A good social media strategy can be eco-system wide, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube or it can be channel-agnostic. Leveraging and focussing on the customer's journey over the channel they’re in.

eCRM Strategy

eCRM environments can yield incredible results for a business if done properly. Some retail companies claim up to 40% of their sales come through eCRM efforts.

Managing your customer effectively offers your business the opportunity to learn more hands-on about your customer, get feedback, and push product to those that want them.

By driving relevant communications through tailored journeys’ and utilising audience segmentation, businesses can drive incredibly efficient returns on marketing spend, while cultivating a captive audience and a loyal one at that.

Business Strategy

A business strategy is something everyone knows they should have, but only the best have. Common misnomers on business strategy include.. “but it’s against strategy” and “unfortunately it’s not strategized”. These are wrong, a strategy should be a living breathing document that guides and supports your business's efforts in achieving those bottom-line goals. NOT a cast-in-stone rollout plan.

Understanding your business strategy, and having a custodian of the strategy allows for movement within and outside of the strategy, as you become more cognizant of your environment and what’s doing what.

A strong strategy can align efforts in creating a stronger push and driving better results. Evolving and developing plans off of these strategies make business goals a lot more tangible than before.


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