Today I thought back to 2007, sitting in front of a client explaining that the online industry in SA is soon going to be exponentially larger and be the only place to be spending advertising budget. I was so sure in 2 - 5yrs we'd be sitting in digital-commerce-heaven.

I think a lot of us remember those times. But boy did we wait... it's 2020 and it took a global crises for people to fully embrace digital on a level we always knew they would. The adoption of digital and our digital behaviours have changed.

Now due to COVID19 and social distancing we're seeing people spending increased time online learning, shopping, working, socialising and all sorts more. And for those in corporate what an awesome opportunity to prove that you can indeed be more productive and perfectly responsible working from home.

For years the corporate workforce have been craving home-working abilities like our first world counterparts but we were never trusted to work from home, "how do you know they're REALLY working", "people are naturally lazy". Well it turns out adults really are adults, and can manage themselves.

Media house such as,,, are reporting that companies around the world and right here in South Africa are experiencing improved productivity and better quality of work now people are working from home. With many large companies considering abandoning their large physical premises due to lack of foot traffic in favour of smaller administrative offices and remote staff compliments.

It's not just an opportunity for a more work-life-balance professional life but there's opportunities for businesses to save on costs. We've heard many success stories in the media and online, businesses that have transformed to online to survive and are thriving!

If digital marketing was not on your to-do-list, best you sort that out. Looking optimistically we are hearing of restrictions for a year or more. Getting your business digital-ready is the best way to rise in the midst of crisis.

Join the masses of business around the world that have benefited from digital marketing greatly. Many business rely on digital marketing efforts only to drive returns on investment.

Take some inspiration from those that have lead the way, restaurants here in Jozi are prepping frozen meals for delivery, hair salons are selling do-it-yourself hair dye kits online with how-to's, online Yoga and Pilates.

Here's some tips to get more digital:

For more on how to get your business digital-fit, reach out to our consultant-beet.

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