We Build Brands

We believe a keen understanding of the business and its industry and surrounds is key to success, profit, and market dominance. We will help you unpack and identify areas of strength, and tactical opportunities available to us to maximize return on investment.

We Evolve Brands

UpBeet’s Marketing Consulting is a strong offering provided by highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand marketing & data analysis and how to model this data for success. evolving marketing strategies to improve business performance and achieve your business marketing goals.


UpBeet's specialist team will lead you on a journey that will result in a tailored strategy that will not only grow your market share, solidify and establish your brand and drive profit into your business, but make running and managing your business easier and better informed.


Launched in the heart of the Jozi hustle-bustle an agency that praises integrity, performance, and trailblazing through the ever uncharted world that is the rapidly developing Digital Advertising space.

With 2 stalwarts in the industry joining forces true magic is born. With a combined 26years in the digital world and 100’s of successful campaigns later.

Our specialities include:​

  • SEO

  • SEO Auditing

  • Premium Digital Media

  • Digital Consulting

  • Digital Marketing Consulting

  • Business Consulting

  • Marketing, Social, Business & Media Strategy

  • Website Development & Design

  • Media consulting

  • Media implementation:

    • Social Media

    • Google Paid

    • Display

    • Programmatic

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